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The Benefits of Professional Development

Professional Development is the steps one takes to identify goals, learn new skills, and grow and succeed professionally. A focus on professional development is imperative for all levels of employees from interns to C-suite individuals.

Some advantages that come with a commitment to professional development are broadening your network, a break from the monotony of the everyday workplace, polishing your professional speaking voice, collaborating with individuals in the same place as you, build confidence and credibility, and a form of re-energizing.

So now we know the benefits of professional development, but how? Conferences, programs, events, the list is endless. Get involved with an emerging leaders or roundtable program to build your portfolio, attend your industry’s conferences for the year to grow your insight and network, go to networking events and happy hours, or create your own!

Recognizing and understanding your professional goals is where to begin, the finish line is achieving those! See below for the professional development opportunities being offered by REACH and its partners and get involved!

This 6- month program will provide attendees with a cross-cultural experience to gain insight and perspective on leadership, management, network, and more from professionals of various industries. Application closes on April 1st, don’t miss out!

Diverse Talent, an executive search and placement firm, is hosting their second annual Career Conference on April 27th to provide employees and employers with various perspectives, insight, and tips on key trends in all industries. Through 7 industry focused sessions, professional will convene in a panel discussion on hiring, DEI, and more. Register today!

REACH is bringing Pillsbury House Theatre’s Breaking Ice diversity theatrical performance live to the Denver Botanic Gardens on June 6th. Through this performance, actors will display various microaggressions and how they show up in the workplace, facilitating a debrief following the performance. Tickets are first come first serve and filling up fast, don’t miss out!

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