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For over 45 years, REACH (Respecting Ethnic and Cultural Heritage), has provided education and training programs to organizations across the globe that are committed to enhancing multicultural education.
Through evidence-based training programs, events, and conferences, we ensure organizations continue to learn, acknowledge, and act to create an inclusive learning environment.







Meet the Team


To assist organizations with their diversity and equity training efforts, Michelle brought REACH  a non-profit since 1976 committed to education/training around equity standards to Colorado.   Colorado REACH partners with Diverse Talent to ensure diversity initiatives and training goals are achieved. 

Michelle earned her engineering degree from Kansas State University, where she was awarded numerous academic honors. Additionally, she has a master’s degree in counseling, where she vowed to utilize her academic success to provide a platform for others to excel. Michelle is committed to continuing her life passion of community engagement, leadership and providing access and opportunities to those in need. 

Michelle Campbell
Executive Director



Board Chair

Theresa Bailey



Mason Jasuta

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Program Coordinator

Elianne Van Slyke

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Advisory Board

Lauren L. Schwartz Picture.jpg

Lauren Schwartz

Community Engagement Expert

She is an award-winning community relations and nonprofit leader who serves as the Director of Investor Relations for the Colorado Chamber. She works with members to ensure that they are engaged in the Chamber’s work in ways that are meaningful to them by keeping them informed on policy that will affect their business, and by providing members the opportunity to connect with business leaders, lawmakers and key influencers so that the voice of the business community is heard at both the state capitol and the federal level.

Erin Young.jfif

Passion is tied to Leadership & Development, and DEI comes from growing up in Southern Indiana as the daughter of a civil rights leader and the experience of seeing how racism and inequality destroyed hopes and dreams of my friends during high school basketball.  Hearing racist chants targeted towards those that I considered not only friends, but family, not only broke my heart, but built a wall of resistance to ‘status quo’. 

Erin Young 

Human Resources Expert

REACH Advisors 

Kartiki Churi Picture.JPG

Kartiki Churi 

Mental Wellness Expert

 Her professional interests are operationalizing access for quality mental health care, digital and innovative medicine, intersection between strategy and culture and, collaboration between systems, healthcare, and business. She is a strong advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion in the community and healthcare


Expansive expertise encompassing a passion navigating and leading nonprofit sectors; design and elevate fundraising cadence to reflect long-term results; ensure program effectiveness and recommendations for program enhancement and improvements; build coalitions with organizations and individuals around commons goals and interests

Maya Wheeler

 Health and Equality Expert

John Kennedy Picture (1)_edited.jpg

Dr. John Kennedy

Academician & Practitioner

I have devoted my professional talents to constructing racial equity in K-12 public education and developing leaders to become transformational leaders.  He views himself as a viable implementer that understands the geo-political, social, and personal responsibility required to become an effective leader that is committed to Diversity and Inclusion in every facet of an organization.

Cate Vermeer.jfif

She has successfully managed business that included hiring, managing and evaluating a staff of up to 34 individuals resulting in a positive profit margins and positive customer reviews. Additionally, as a representative, she has successfully applied and has been rewarded grants to assist government and non-profit programs. Cate completed a Masters of Education in Leadership in 2013 strengthening her hiring and management skills. 

Cate Vermeer

 Education Expert


Laura Brooks

Human Resources Expert

She is  inspired by human connection and making workplaces better – more equitable and more empathy driven. She has served companies in various industries from entertainment, education, construction to technology leading the charge in people centric policies because we all do our best work when we feel supported and valued by others. She is a social activist, feminist, constant life learner, and mental health advocate. For her, she is constantly inspired by people, their stories, their resilience, and excited to learn what gifts each person brings. When she is not at work, she is a mother, a lover of travel, and working on writing a novel.

Chrisina Vela.jfif

She is currently the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and a Spanish Teacher at Regis Jesuit High School. 

Christine Vela

 Education & DEI Expert


SJ Snyder

Marketing and Diversity Specialist

SJ believes that equity, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) is the pathway to equality. Her role as Fairfield and Wood's Marketing and Diversity Specialist affords her the opportunity to work directly with the administration team in all aspects of firm EDI operations. SJ is an anti-racist in the Black Lives Matter movement and an active ally for diverse legal professionals. Prior to joining Fairfield and Woods, SJ served as a the Associate Director for CLI. In that capacity, SJ had a strong passion to create an atmosphere of inclusion and equity for law students and lawyers entering the legal community.


Daniel Butler

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Expert

The Denver City Attorney’s Office is dedicated to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Daniel chose his career path to be a voice for crime victims and to make communities safer. Daniel recognizes the need to pursue just—and sometimes unique—solutions within the criminal justice system and has worked as part of the Neighborhood Prosecution Team (NPT). NPT resolves issues affecting Denver residents outside of the typical arrest-and-prosecute model that is too often not the tool best-suited for the problems communities face. 

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