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REACH Talks Finding Your Groove with Jevon Taylor

Jevon Taylor is a young entrepreneur and the owner of eco-friendly apparel brand, False Ego, and active member of REACH. We wanted to catch up with Jevon to see how he and his business are doing during this time. He shares a sentiment I’ve heard from a few other people lately: he’s not doing just fine; he says he feels “amazing.” Start of quarantine was difficult, no direction, uncertainty about the future and what would happen with his business. However, further into quarantine he began to find his groove and took a much-needed step back from his work. Since then he says he has found inspiration and direction. He’s focusing on some of his side projects including volunteering with a farming organization and working on a new business idea with a team of six.

Jevon says throughout this time he’s come to realize that he has been neglecting certain

parts of his life and has just been forging forward without stopping to take in how he feels about his work. Jevon’s clothing line False Ego was selling clothes at Stanley Market Place and they were getting ready to open a new shop at the Market Place when everything came to a halt. On the bright side, Jevon says his online sales are great. People are supporting online he says because they know his shop is shut down and they want to show love. He’s been staying busy by taking frequent trips to the post office to send out the merchandise.

But while he was selling clothes at the Market Place, he says he was never sure if that was the path he wanted to continue on. Once businesses shut down it gave him the ability to pause and realize that isn’t what he wants to dedicate his time to doing. Jevon has always had big plans for False Ego outside of selling clothes and products like creating community within minority communities. This down time has allowed him the ability to phase into his second business plan for the company and realize those goals.

Closing out our interview Jevon offered some advice. It’s okay to pause he said. In our culture we’re bred to always work and hustle but its okay to not do anything for a little bit, recollect, and find answers.

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