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Encouraging Authenticity

“Be Yourself”, they say, to which we respond, “How?”. As we dive into discussion around Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and those to come, how is your organization encouraging authenticity? Bringing one’s true self to interviews, networking events, and the office, is a journey, especially for diverse employees. It is leadership’s responsibility to not only create but motivate an environment where your team feels comfortable in being authentic and organic. Here are some ways to inspire an authentic company culture.

Identifying Strengths in One’s Authentic Self

When one is comfortable in being authentic, it translates to the work they are producing. Being confident in your skills and background is essential to continue to grow professionally and personally. Trying to emulate someone or something that you are not takes more time and effort, straying from one’s end goal.

Authenticity is a Journey

For many, the executive workplace wasn’t always a welcoming environment for authenticity. It’s been decades of conforming to the “ideal” professional, in terms of image, language, dress, etc. For many, authenticity will not be achieved overnight. It’s imperative individuals understand it takes time to allow your authentic self to shine through. It’s battling the dismantling of pre-conceived notions of what is professional, and what you know to be true about your professional self, to eventually feel 100% you at your place of work.

Establishing and Practicing Inclusivity

Organizations are expected to create and cultivate a team and culture that reflects the world we live in. While it’s necessary to practice diverse hiring processes, for diverse talent to be successful and retained, a sense of inclusivity must be built internally. Leadership must create an environment where staff feel heard when discussing their previously lived experiences, and growth and development goals, to take positive steps toward a sense of belonging at the organization.

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